05 jul 2019 / Geral

Timing: Integrating Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

“The timing in which things enter or leave your life is important.”

-Reverie Hippie


For thirty years I cherished the idea of a coaching service that provided support anytime, anywhere. It was an idea ahead of its time, we didn’t have the technology we needed and people were still skeptical of coaching. And as much as I could foresee the need for this service, the broader context wasn't ready for it. 


It was a matter of timing...as it often is.


Yesterday’s Timing - Shaping The Future


When it comes to yesterday’s timing we are often unwilling to revisit who we were, the values that drove our behavior, and the challenges of our age and time.

Our past need not be some remote place that we pack up into a box and store away somewhere remote. It can offer us valuable lessons, information, and insights into our present and future. Unpacking the past through the eyes of the present can be a profoundly transformative experience.


Here are a few questions to reflect on.

What was it in my past that made me who I am today?

What challenges did I face?

What stopped me in my tracks?

What moved me forward?

What inner resources did I use to overcome challenges?

What was I curious about? What did I believe about life?

How did the broader context influence my goals and ambitions?

What was that time about?


When I was seventeen years old, in my frequent trips to Paris I would take the Sud Express train, and on it would be fascinated about the travelers and the movements of their lives.


In the search of a better tomorrow, some of them going away for the first time, some returning home, others somewhere in between. In that train, this future coach learned sitting next people, listening and asking challenging questions, what it was that gave people a slight or massive boost towards the changes they longed for.

There wasn’t a name for it back then. But this kind of being there for people as since been called coaching. And I learned it informally and unconsciously in those trips to Paris.


Today’s Timing - Visioning The Future


Today, I look back and capture how those trips helped me understand the need for coaching in these transition times. Back then, trips of such nature marked important moments in the lifetime of each traveler, each leaving behind most of the certainties they’ve gained...for an uncertain future, they were crafting and hoping for.


Each of them leading their own transformation processes, while supporting families, representing their country, building their own paths forward, so often with little support, in a time where different landscapes were only accessible to those who dared to travel the roads and face the traveling challenges.


Today I look back and know that being present, means consciously receiving from the past what remained from it. Today I look back and I know that it’s in the present that we envision our future. And that the possibilities are infinite and we each hold the potential to make change happen.


Today, after 30 years, I believe it’s the right time for Call Coaching, now that technology has allowed us to be connected as much as we want, I wanted the possibility for connection and support in the form of coaching to be a reality more readily accessible to more people.


With Call Coaching, with any device (mobile phone, tablet or computer), anytime and anywhere you can speak your challenges to a qualified coach, and in that conversation prepare and discover your path to move forward.


Digital transformation has both given and required from us unprecedented speed. We are expected to adapt and adjust to ever-changing circumstances, meeting them with new competencies and abilities….while constantly facing an overload of stimuli. Hence, we believe and see it daily, that coaching will continue to be a part of the present… and it will take on different formats to meet the needs of each time.


And so, my own life and that of the many people I work with taught me the importance of timing and with it came the respect, patience, and reverence for what was, what is and what will be.


We continue to observe and behold the challenges and opportunities of today with renewed curiosity.


What do I commonly observe that inspires me?

And frightens me?

What is it about today that moves me forward?

What could I do today to make the world better?


Tomorrow’s Timing - Crafting The Future


Looking forward I wonder what other dreams we will dream. I wonder how technology will continue to shape our lives. How Artificial Intelligence will help us become more human. How work will evolve to suit the needs for both flexibility and security. How we’ll achieve the work-life blend. And how coaching will continue to evolve. I know that in this wondering, questioning, dreaming and envisioning, we’ll continue to renew our potential and the possibilities for change...we’ll continue to shape our Futures.


And as much as the Future evokes within us both individual and collective fears and anxieties, it is also rich with possibilities. With every sight of the unknown, not just now, but throughout human history, we hypothesized worst-case scenarios, while it is our ability to face every unique challenge and craft our path to our desired Future that we must strengthen.


I hope that we can remain open and willing to explore what we don’t yet know, in the certainty that in that quest we’ll grow into better, wiser versions of ourselves.



What changes do I want to see happening?

What would a great Future look like?

Where and how do I most feel compelled to act?

What is most exciting about the Future?

What scares me about it?

What does the courage to face this fear, ask me to do?


“That which is dreamed can never be lost. Can never be undreamed.”


-Neil Gaiman

Sofia Calheiros / Leadership & Coaching