03 out 2019 / Geral

Our Team's Top Insights From The Leadership Summit 2019

We gathered our team's top insights on the Leadership Summit Portugal 2019 so we could share it with you, here are the main takeaways from the event:
1. The Leadership Summit inspired us all with the powerful stories of leaders who shared their journey to convey the real essence of leadership - building emotional self-awareness (understanding what really matters to you) and using this energy to inspire and mobilize people around you, so that together you can take action and make a difference in the world.
2. Leadership is a collective and profoundly human process of deeply caring for the people you serve so that by feeling taken care of and safe, they're able to rise to their best and draw on their inner resources to act in service of the purpose and mission of the organization and their own values.
3. The Summit reinforced something we all know: if we aspire to really change the future and the destiny of the world, we need to collectively leverage the resources and possibilities of education to all the children in the world.
4. Women are the main victims of violence in the world, therefore they can draw meaning out of their experiences and act as the main peace agents of the world. And it's essential that they are fairly represented in organizations worldwide and their voice is heard in decision-making processes.
5. Taking action on climate change is a responsibility of each of us and we owe it to our children and our next generations not to wait till politicians make up their minds of whether or not this is a problem - everybody has the power to be part of the change already today - so just examine what you can do for the world and do it.?
6. When you don't look away from the problems of the world or your own, and you let them tell you what is it that you just can't stop yourself from fighting for... there's no telling what you can do.
That's the story that touched us the most. Maria Cristina didn't stay away from the slumbers in Bangladesh and looked straight in the eyes of the countless children living in unimaginable conditions, only what she saw was pure potential, and she made sure those children were given the conditions to make the most of their lives and their potential.
Goes to show what we know deep down, that a person moved by a deeply held purpose is capable of both moving mountains and climbing several of them in service of others.
If you haven't heard of her go check it out:
We hope this inspires you and serves you, so you can go and serve the world. 

Sofia Calheiros / Leadership & Coaching