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Coaching Questions List: Driving To The Best of Us

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"Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen."

- Pete Carroll


Whether it's executive coaching, life coaching or sports coaching, the tool that is focused on achieving meaningful goals and optimal performance is no longer a best-kept secret of a small group of people. Organizations and individuals worldwide that use coaching to transform and accelerate desired processes are reaping the benefits of their investment, and stand by it for one reason only: it works.  


Coaching works under the premise that the coachee holds the answers and inner resources to every challenge and goal they hold, and the coach’s responsibility is in crafting the questions that prompt self-awareness and transformation.


Here is a list of powerful coaching questions according to each phase of the Grow Model of Coaching, the model followed by coaches around the globe is an acronym for Goal Setting, Reality, Options and Will:  


Goal Setting questions:

  1. What does thriving look like?

  2. How are you at your best?

  3. What does your best life look like?

  4. What do you most long to transform?

  5. What do you most want to achieve?

  6. Why do you want to achieve it?

  7. When would you like to achieve it?

  8. Is it realistic, positive and attainable?

  9. In what ways is that meaningful to you?

  10. How will you know you’re in the right direction?

  11. What does a milestone look like?

  12. What does unstuck look like?

Reality questions:

  1. What is happening now?

  2. What got you where you are today?

  3. How do you know that your perspective is accurate?

  4. Are there other people involved?

  5. What is their perception?

  6. How is this affecting others?

  7. What is working well?

  8. What is your biggest challenge?

  9. What is most important to you?

  10. What do you avoid facing?

  11. Where do you feel stuck?

  12. What have you done about it?

  13. What results did you experience with your approach?

  14. What are you pretending not to know?

  15. What resources do you have that you’re not using?

Options questions:

  1. What possibilities are available?

  2. What could transform this situation?

  3. What if… (you had the necessary resources)?

  4. Who and what would help?

  5. What do you need most right now?

  6. What stands in the way of transformation?

  7. What personal strengths support your goal and vision?

  8. What traits or habits stand in the way of transformation?

  9. What do those traits or habits need?

  10. Where do you most need compassion?

  11. Out of your options, what are you most inspired to do?

  12. What’s the benefit and cost of that option?

  13. How will you commit and hold yourself accountable to that?

Will questions:

  1. What option or options do you choose?

  2. How will you measure and define success?

  3. Precisely when will you start and finish the chosen action steps?

  4. What could stop you from doing it?

  5. Do you feel resistance towards these action steps?

  6. What would melt away the resistance?

  7. What does support from me look like?

  8. Who and how can other people support you?

  9. On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to the action steps?

  10. What would bring you closer to a 10?

  11. Is there more to know about this?

 We hope these questions serve you and the ones you serve, and now we have a question for you. Which question had the biggest impact on you? And how can this type of questioning support the best in you?


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Here’s to co-creating your best future.

Sofia Calheiros / Leadership & Coaching