30 dez 2020 / Geral

Questions to Review 2020 and Welcome In 2021

It’s that time of the year where people start to get excited thinking about all the amazing things they’ll accomplish in the upcoming year, and the transformation they’ll undergo to attain it. We love that feeling, but that alone is usually not enough to sustain long-lasting changes.


If all you do is write down your goals and resolutions without any digging into the what-for and why of your behavior then the chances of an actual shift aren’t all that great. So instead of new year resolutions we invite you to take a year review and to up your game of self-reflection and self-awareness. Those two can take you further than any resolution. 


Before you dig in, give yourself the gift of creating an enjoyable experience, however that looks for you, candles, music, out in nature, with your loved one, alone, writing in a nice new journal, or in your laptop… again this is your chance to really assess how you want this to look and feel like for you. So take it and make it your own.

  • What was most difficult about 2020? 


  • What did you learn through those challenges? 


  • What did you discover about yourself that you didn’t know? 


  • What are you grateful for? 


  • What are you proud of? 


  • What are you ready to leave behind in 2020? 


  • What do you want to create in 2021? Why is that important? What does it mean to you? 


  • Is there something you need to forgive (because you deserve peace of mind)? 


  • What is 2021 all about for you? 


  • What’s your word for 2021?



Are there other questions that feel meaningful and relevant to you? Be sure to add or edit this if it serves you. We can’t wait to see you thrive and create your own kind of magic. Here’s to you and all the wonderful things ahead.


Now review, reflect, aim, and go!